If you are a hospital doctor, and your patient has an acute complex fracture or periarticular fracture, please contact the on call team at Manchester Royal Infirmary. Please also fill out a referral form and fax it securely to 0161 276 8006. The phone call will ensure that the Limb Reconstruction Team are aware of your case as early as possible, and can arrange transfer once swabs are clear. The referral form will ensure we have the information we need.


If you are a GP or a hospital doctor, and would like to make a referral to outpatients, for a non-urgent problem, then please fill out the form attached and send a fax to 0161 276 8006

Alternatively, you could send a letter to us at

Manchester Limb Reconstruction Service,

Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma,

Manchester Royal Infirmary,

Oxford Road,

Manchester. M13 9WL.